done by people acting as a group
Collective Bikes began in 2015 when a group of passionate riders, shops and entrepreneurs set out on a journey to bring something new, fresh and exciting into the world of BMX.

With the influx of brands selling direct, and cutting out independent shops whom have been the backbone of BMX for years, we felt it was about time someone created a bike that was great quality, great value and most importantly supports the BMX industry. 

During our early days our now CEO and co-owner, Ryan Taylor was working solo, busy exploding on social media. His shared values of collaborating, honesty, loyalty and BMX meant he was always a perfect fit for Collective and the relationship was inevitable, we just didn't know when.

In 2017, Ryan made the decision to not only head up Collective Bikes as our CEO, but also invest and own the brand, so he could relaunch Collective in his own unique way.

"I’ve wanted to get involved with a BMX brand of my own for a while. I deliberately didn't accept sponsorship opportunities from established brands as quality issues, customer experience and innovation would have been out of my control. I'm passionate about BMX, and everything I put my name to.

Progression has always been the core of everything I stand for.

Collective is going to be nothing different. With innovative designs, hands on personal preference from my professional experience, and now a free mind without the chains of established brands to design & create the BADDEST BIKES ON THE PLANET.

Needless to say, I’m hyped to be taking over and giving the scene whats missing."

Ryan Taylor