3-Piece Cranks Upgrade Kit

Transform your Bike, whether it be a CollectiveBikes, another brands bike, or a high end custom BMX, use our quality 3 piece cranks upgrade kit! Making your ride smoother, stronger and lighter.

This kit is great for all bikes, as it comes with a sealed Mid bottom bracket bearing (commonly used on high end BMX bikes) and uses 2 cups to make it fit our Bikes and other entry level BMX bikes.

Meaning you can use this Kit for most bikes on the market and is well worth the money, you'll usually spend over £20 just for bearings that fit 3 piece cranks, then entry level cranks can range from £50 upwards, so why not get everything you need in one package for an outstanding price!


- 2 crank arms

- splined axle

- mid bottom bracket (with spacers)

- mid to US bottom bracket cups

- sprocket pinch bolt

- crank bolts